Delving into creating often requires stepping out of our routine.  A trip to Greece provided this for me.  How wonderful it was!  Three days of learning to carve marble in the workshop of the Hondrongiannis was magical.  In fact the entire trip was magical.  I had named the adventure as “Seeking Magic” and I found it everywhere I turned.  The historic stones awakened something ancient in my soul.



Each day can hold newness – a renewal – a creation of positiveness.  Making art can reinforce this.

Discovering an Artist

A week or so ago, I discovered a French artist who has accomplished that which I wish to – just with different marks.  Fabienne Verdier has created marvelous, huge, meditative gestures on canvas that are mesmerizing and a triumph of material.  I came across her work through someone’s posting on Facebook and am following the trail of her internet listings.  Fabulous!  Her verbal, French spirit is also that of a philosopher.